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Companion Dog Training recommended trainers

goodog-logoGoodog Training with Barbara Hodel.

Barbara is one of our favourite dog trainers. She uses scientifically proven training methods that are based on “friendship and cooperation with our dogs, not intimidation. This type of training develops a wonderful bond with our dogs. Most of Barbara’s classes are in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney. Perhaps we are a little biased because Barbara does own a Fenrik GSP and does train in agility with us, but we know the reason for her success is her extensive training, her continuing research and education and the wonderful training methods she teaches.

Barbara has a facebook page which is always kept up to date with lots of different training articles:

She also has a website which gives information about her training locations and her credentials:

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doglogic-logoDog Logic training classes are run by Julie Adams and Trudi Thorpe in several locations, mainly within the Inner West of Sydney

For more information about their classes you can contact Julie or Trudi through their website at

or you can find the facebook page at

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SPOT Puppy & Dog Training
I run Pet Dog training classes in the Hills District in Sydney. The Junior Class is 6wks and builds on everything done in puppy class with a focus on attention with distractions, recalls, stays and loose-lead walking
Karen Riddell

Interesting German Shorthaired Pointer websites


That is the website of the German Shorthair stud book in Germany. Just click this link

It is wonderful to look through these pages, and you will find that they do have English translations for quite a bit of it. Otherwise you can use a babelfish translator

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Pace-in-DeutschlandMy favourite GSP (or Deutche Kurzhaar) site is the home of our beautiful Pace von de Madlage. Just click on this link

The photo is Pace on the morning that she left Germany

This website shows so many photos of Pace’s stylish elegant relatives. I never tire of looking through this website, and perhaps bringing some more of these beautiful bloodlines to Australia.

Agility trialling and training organisations


Other “doggy services”