Current Fenrik bloodlines are based on a select group of dogs.

All our pups have Fenrik Never Say Ned ADM JDM SD GD CDX FDX ET in their breeding. Ned was my last remaining dog (with 7 generations of my breeding) when there was a temporary hiatus in my involvement in breeding. Luckily, someone convinced me his bloodline should not be wasted, and along came Rabbit and Winnie (ADAA and ANKC Agility Champion Brenilly Winona Ryder ADM ADO JDM JDO SDM GDM SPDM and ADAA Agility Champion Brenilly Wild Wind ADM ADO JDM JDO SDX GDX SPDX) who did trace back to some of our previous breeding. A little later, to re-introduce the “black gene” we also introduced Sparkle (ANKC Agility Champion Brenilly Diamond Dog) to the family and the Fenrik breeding program was re-established. Soon, we

These dogs also marked the start of our involvement in agility which has created such a strong attachment to these dogs. This has made our farewells more difficult and we have said farewell to a generation of our Fenrik German Shorthairs since then. In this photo are all the dogs we have said our good-byes to, some quite a while ago, and more recently for the dogs that look young in this shot. There are more details about these dogs by clicking the drop down box on the [Fenrik GSP Farewells] button on the menu or by clicking the links on the dogs’ names below.
Fenrik-Farewell-2015_5270Sitting, from left to right:
Rabbit   –   Doc   –   Jynx   –   Sparkle   –   Sporty

Lying down in front
Winnie   –   Ned

I hope is is a while yet before I have to add to this page.