Canine Fun Sports at St Ives Showground

Mona Vale Road, St Ives
Tuesday and Friday mornings

Training area is fully fenced and safe.


9am-10am – advanced class

including advanced handling skills and how to walk and run advanced courses. This class suits dogs that are at trialling level.

jindoro-cabi-acacia-eve_235610am-11am – intermediate class

covers a full range of handling skills, starting with basics and building to the more advanced skills. We also cover how to walk and run a whole course. This class suits pre-trialling and dogs that have started trialling.

fenrik-the-quinnessentail-tenn_932511am-noon – beginners

and those just starting to get it together. This class includes instruction on how to perform individual obstacles and simple sequencing and handling manoeuvres.

Learning the obstacles is just the start of the fun. Each week we learn and master new agility skills and handling manoeuvres. At the end of the month, our intermediate and advanced classes get the chance to fit all these skills together with a “course class”.

Cost: Cost (2015) is $18 per class for approximately one hour of instruction


We require all dogs to be vaccinated. You will need to bring, as well as your canine friend, a normal collar (no check chains) and lead, plenty of treats and toys to reward your dog.

If there is anything else you need to know then just click on the [CONTACT US] button just drop us an email at