CFS venues Castlereagh

Marelly-Take-the-Lead-with-Hollie-Connor_6618Canine Fun Sports at Castlereagh

For directions on where to go just click on this [CONTACT US]. At Castlereagh we have a five acre property which is fully fenced for the safety of our dogs. We have easy parking, two agility rings, plenty of equipment, room to run your dogs, including a dam for them to swim, trees for shade and lighting for night training.

Maya-with-Tenielle-Thwaites8246Tuesday Evening with Le
6:30pm advanced class including advanced handling skills and how to walk and run advanced courses. This class suits dogs that are at trialling level.
7:30pm intermediate  intermediate class covers a full range of handling skills, starting with basics and building to the more advanced skills. We also cover how to walk and run a whole course. This class suits pre-trialling and dogs that have started trialling.
8:30pm building on foundation class for young dogs and beginners,

Lace-with-Linda-Smith_6813Wednesday Morning with Keith.
9am advanced
10am intermediate
11am beginners – beginners and those just starting to get it together. This class includes instruction on how to perform individual obstacles and simple sequencing and handling manoeuvres.

Wednesday Evening with Le
7pm foundation class for young dogs and beginners
8pm advanced

Kerodan-colour-of-courage-with-Adrianne-Miles_5543Thursday Morning with Keith.
9am advanced
10am intermediate
11am beginners

Thursday Evening with Keith

Cost: Cost (2016) is $20 per class for approximately one hour of instruction

We require all dogs to be vaccinated. You will need to bring, as well as your canine friend, a normal collar (no check chains) and lead, plenty of treats and toys to reward your dog.

If there is anything else you need to know then just click on this [CONTACT US] button or just drop us an email: