CFS Upcoming Workshops

7th August 2016

am: TUNNELS for all levels

Fenrik-Obscured-by-Clouds-08Morning class:
TUNNELS AND JUMPS (but mainly tunnels)
Instructor: Le Hammer
Start 9:30am to 12:30pm
Cost: $55 (for CFSers)
Positions available: 12
Classes will include increasing tunnel drive, using tunnels to create handling advantages and some neat handling manoevres. This class will be divided into two groups to ensure we can cater for all skill levels.

fenrik-murphys-outlaw-05Afternoon Class:
ADVANCED SKILLS using a masters-plus course
Instructor: Le Hammer
Start 1pm to 4pm (or a bit later if people want more time for lunch)
Cost: $55 (for CFSers)
Positions available: 12 divided into two groups
We will practice skills needed for a purposely masters course including European handling, some distance work and al sorts of turns and side changes. We will also discuss course walking and decision making and memorising

To reserve your position SEND ME AN EMAIL soon at I will confirm positions on Saturday morning, at the latest. I prefer emails to facebook, because I can keep everything filed together.