CFS Brags: A Special Panda with Connie Kluck

Panda-with-Connie-Kluck_1175You will also see more about Panda in the 2013, 2014 and 2015 brags.

Panda is Connie’s Assistance Dog, so he not only does agility but spends his days helping Connie with all her daily chores like doing the washing, bringing home the shopping, and simply getting dressed. Here is a note from Connie Kluck (December 2015) when I asked our participants to send me their brags for each year. The injuries Connie refers to in this email are injuries to herself, a result of fragile bone disease associated with her cancer and chemotherapy. Thanks Panda, for looking after Connie so well.

Panda-with-Connie-Kluck_7083From Connie:

We have more brags than you would wish for, all gained under your guidance, teaching and mentor ship! I still have so much to learn and some things I may never learn, but Panda certainly has done well!


We started with St. Ives classes in in April 2013, and he had both his AD and JD by the end if May 2013. Pathological spinal fractures stopped us for a while, and he ended the year with his JDX, SPD and GD. In February 2014 he got his ADX and by the end of May 2014 he had his GDX as well. In June he got his ADO and early August both his ADM and JDM. Then a lengthy break with one more spinal fracture, a bilaterally broken pelvis and some broken ribs. We regained stability, but never the same fitness and flexibility due to cardiotoxicity of the chemo. We only had a broken tail bone in 2015, which makes it a good year! The first title in March 2015 was JDO. Then ADO2 at the Easter Show, SPDX in May, JDM2 in July, SD in July and ADM2 in August.

ADAA has been better for us for the simple reason that the trials are closer to home! Titles:

Photo supplied by Connie Kluck

He got his AAD in April 2014 and joined the Regular Program after that. He had his R-SAAD in June and R-MAAD in August as well as his AATD. In January 2015 he obtained his R-AGD, which completed his R-AAC. In March he got his R-AJD, and in August his R-AAAD and in September his R-MAAD2. He came home with 8 qualie cards from the Grand Prix and got his R-MAAD3 at PICSI in October. He was Regional Dog of the Year for NSW and 4th/Q in the National Finals. He was part of the maxi team, which came 2nd . . .  out of 20 maxi teams. He ran 2nd, 2nd, 4th and 5th in the WAC team selection heats, . . . . Last Saturday, when no-one could run the Advanced Jumping in time (185m in 42secs), he took 8 secs off course time in a re-run to win it. Therefore, he is up there with the fast maxi dogs, except I am not and never will be! I often think that he deserves a better handler!  However, you got us there! Thank you, Le! Thank you for all your support, mentoring and teaching! I really enjoyed the “magic square”, so much to learn and improve! But look what you got out of us so far! Enjoy the festive season, and we see you at summer camp in 2016!
Cheers, Connie and Panda.