CFS BRAGS 2000 to 2009 – last decade

xlandi-fabia_1039Monty, a miniature Schnauzer  handled by Nellie Felczynski

Monty gained his AD ADX ADM ADM2 ADM3 ADM4 ADO ADO2 ADO3 JD JDX JDM JDO JDO2 SD SDX GD GDX SPD AND SPDX.  By the turn of the decade he was to be called Xlandi Fabia ADM4 ADO3 JDM JDO2 SDX GDX SPDX.

Racey-Jonker_1048medRacie, a parti-coloured poodle handled by John Jonker.

We do not have exact dates but we think Racie gained her JD title during this period: Racie JD.


Anna Uther has been training with us at CFS for a long, long time (and we love having her as a student). We could not trace back to figure out which of her dogs gained which titles in this time period, but there were trialling and gaining titles then. They gained their final titles (and you will see more photos of them) in the 2010 to 2012 brags section. You will also find a write up on Anna in our Special Brags section.

holly-uther_5781psHolly, handled by Anna Uther

Holly trialled during this period of 2000 to 2010. Her final name when she retired in 2012 was Holly ADX JDX SDX GDX SPDX. You will see her in the 2010 to 02012 brag section and she receives an extra special mention in the extra special brags section.


keshi-uther_7269Keshi, a parti-coloured poodle, owned by Anna Uther

Keshi went on to be known as


Jarnee-jr-just-macgregor6084Harry, a Jack Russell Terrier with Lorraine Wood

Harry was a regular attendee at Summer Camp, although he did a lot of his training at his Coffs harbour Club.

Harry trialled in agility up until 2009 gaining his AD, ADX, ADM, ADO, JD, GD, SD and SPD and his ADAA title of SAAD. In 2010 he did some obedience trialling, just for a change and eventually became known as Jarnee JR Just Macgregor ADM ADO JD SD SPD CDX RN. I big name for a little dog.

I cannot put up his brag without relating my favourite story about Harry – at one trial he nicked out of the ring and stole a rope of sausages (the toy kind) and took off with them trailing behind him. We only managed to capture him and his booty when the mischief maker dived into a tunnel and got cornered with a person at both ends. I was the silly person who had to crawl through the tunnel to get him out! He was so pleased with himself!


jarnee-JR-Just-Madeline8705Meg, a Jack Russell Terrier handled by Lorraine Wood, and more often handled by her young son, Darcy Cook (Now a big strapping lad!)

Meg was a regular attendee at Summer Camp, although she did a lot of her training at his Coffs harbour Club. Meg gained her AD, ADX, JD, JDX  SD SPD titles in ANKC agility and her AAD  in ADAA agility. With Lorraine handling she also went on to gain her CCD RN obedience and rally obedience titles.

I used to love watching Darcy running Meg. And he was great at Summer Camp, helping out everywhere, including being one of our trainee judges.  But they do grow up!


bridie-woods_5521Bridie, handled by Lorraine Wood

Bridie was a regular attendee at Summer Camp, although she did a lot of her training at his Coffs harbour Club.

Bridie, up until 2009 gained her  JD, JDX, AD, SD, GD then, like her “brother” Harry, she did some obedience trialling in 2010 to gain her CD RN. A dog was never so lucky. I do not like the phrase “rescue dog” because most of these dogs have been fairly well treated. But Bridie was a true rescue, being a very malnourished puppy, and very, very unwell. She could not have found a better family to come to the rescue. She became known as Bridie AD JDX SD GD CD RN



Gunnislake-Black-Knight4906Toby, a Labrador handled by Maggie Young

Toby trialled through this period and retired as
Gunnislake Wild Knight ADX JDX SPD GD SD   





Gunnislake-Black-Knight1738Here he is, in his senior years, having a bit of agility fun at the Wollongong Dog Sports Club veterans’ event.


Maisongabbi-likea--fly0752Gypsy handled by Maggie Young

We did not check through all records  but Maisongabbi Like a Fly would probably have gained her novice titles during this year. Check out her ongoing success on the 2011-2013 brags page.