CFS BRAGS: a special Lisa Wright with Clooney

I loved this email sent to me by Lisa when I asked people for their brags. It just shows what a great sport agility is. (She had no idea I had a ‘special brags” page.
You will see more of Clooney in the 2015 brags.

Aertan-Once-More-With-Feeling-aka-Clooney-with-Lisa-Wright5236I’m not sure if you want people’s stories. My own story is that I had a severe spinal fracture in 2011 and compressed my spinal cord to 40% diameter. In the same accident I had a head injury that has affected my left side among other things and agility has been the best brain training I could wish for. I couldn’t remember a course when I started and now I am pretty well okay.

photo supplied by Lisa Wright

Clooney  obtained his JD at 22 months and has three Q’s towards his JDX. We are aiming for AD in 2016 and now I have Scout who has just started Beginners training.