Trained and handled by
Keith Edwards

Such a grand old lady
and a gentle soul

RIP: 2011

ADAA Agility Champion
Brenilly Wild Wind

SIRE: CH EDELHOF SILAS (imported UK in dam)
(S: Birkenwald Nico JW (resident UK)   x   D: Waldburg Quarta (imp UK))

DAM: Ch Brenilly Nellie Melba
(S: Ch Brenilly Hans Sonning   x   D: Ch Burnbrook Sabrina)

Australian National Kennel Club Titles
Agility Dog Master 4, Jumping Dog Master 2, Jumping Dog Open,
Gamblers Dog Excellent, Snooker Dog, Strategic Pairs Dog Excellent

Brenilly-Wild-Wind-Marge-KibbyShe is the winner of the NSW Balder Trophy for the point score to qualify for the NSW Agility Dog of the Year 2002. Winnie has also represented NSW in National competition.

Agility Dog Association of Australia Titles (as well as her championship):
Master Aust Agility Dog, Aust Agility Games Dog, Aust Agility Teams Dog

Winnie was also winner of the “Gundog Snap” trophy, for a brilliant performance. She was doing a beautiful clear round when a topnotch pigeon landed just outside the ring. She landed from the jump and went into a full on point and could only be moved on to complete the course after some-one shoo-ed the pigeon away. Clear round . . . but with time faults.

Brenilly-Wild-Wind07Winnie had the sweetest nature. If you imagine your favourite elderly auntie who used to take out a beautiful lace handkerchief, put it to her lips to dampen it a little, then scrub your face with it, to remove that smudge of dirt that every young child has on their face . . . well that was Winnie. Everything was proper, and she would sit back and watch the youngsters play.

That is not to say she was lazy, or slow, or sedate when the fun was on. Like all our dogs, she loved the dam and had a particularly effective “racing dive” off the dam wall to give her a head start to retrieve a toy. And like her sister Rabbit (who could never be labelled as sedate) she had a passion for food that led her into Brenilly-Wild-Wind08trouble at times.

Winnie was also known to be a little bit “snooty”. Perhaps it was the way she would disdainfully look down that long “Roman” nose at you. But Keith could not have had a more loving, faithful companion.



Winnie had two litters.

The first as the WINDS LITTER which included 11 pups. 11 was a bit overwhelming at times, and Winnie developed a “split feeding” system where pups were divided into two groups and she split her time between them. She devised the system – not us.

She also had sense enough to only have 4 pups in her second litter, the COMEDY MOVIES LITTER.



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